Impact 150 Thermal Scope

Model: TS150 | Sku: 203221

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Bring the heat during nighttime hunts. This price-friendly 2.4 to 9.6x scope delivers everything you’d expect from more expensive options. To start, there’s a 384 x 288 mission-ready thermal sensor capable of detecting game up to 1,100 yards. Plus, there’s a built-in rangefinder. The reticle and color palette are easy to customize, while integrated photo and video helps you share your hunts. And no matter what conditions you hunt in, the rugged casing keeps performance at a peak.


With a 1,100 yard detection and an 475 yard recognition range, this thermal scope allows you to capture sharp thermal images and smoothly tracks rapid motion in the distance.



Bring the heat with the Impact 150 Thermal Scope’s 384x288 uncooled thermal sensor that can detect big game up to 1,100 yards.

With ten reticle patterns and six different thermal color palettes to choose from, even the pickiest of hunters can fine-tune this device to their preferences with its customizable features and hot-spot tracking.

2.4 to 9.6x


It’s all in the details! Spot your next target with the help of a magnification range of 2.4 to 9.6x. Your catch won’t get away this time!

With an IP67 weatherproof rating and its durable chassis, the Impact 150 Thermal Scope was built to withstand any and all conditions. This thermal scope provides both day and night use for hunting, scouting, and surveilling.


Impact 150 Thermal Scope

Introducing the upgraded Impact 150 Thermal Scope—an innovation in long-range thermal imaging. Designed for those who demand exceptional performance, this cutting-edge scope is the perfect companion. With the Impact 150, you'll see your target with unparalleled clarity, even in the darkest of nights and the thickest brush.The core of the Impact 150 is a high-resolution 384 x 288 thermal sensor, capable of detecting temperature differences as small as 0.05°F. This exceptional sensitivity means that nothing escapes your view. One of the standout features of the Impact 150 is its long-range capabilities. Built on a picatinny mount, it attaches effortlessly to your firearm, allowing you to identify and track targets at distances up to 1,100 yards.

The Impact 150 isn't just about seeing; it's about capturing. Thanks to its integrated WiFi and photo/video capabilities, you can record and share your observations with ease. Advanced features such as hotspot tracking, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and range finding technology enhance your experience. Hotspot tracking allows you to lock onto heat signatures, ensuring that your target remains in your sights. PIP allows you to zoom in on your target without losing sight of the broader picture. It's IP67 weather-resistant and has a battery life of 8 hours, ensuring reliable performance even in adverse conditions.

Elevate your outdoor adventures, enhance your tracking skills, and gain an unprecedented advantage in the field with the Impact 150 Thermal Scope. Welcome to the future of long-range thermal imaging.

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Accessories Included: Dual Battery Charger, Charger Cable, Short Sight Base, Lens Cloth, Rubber Eye Pieces, Lens Cap, 1 Batteries, Carrying Case, Allen Wrench