The latest tech, unparalleled performance, and great prices on thermal and night vision optics for nighttime hunts.

Thermal Reflex Series

High-Performance Detection Range and High-Quality Compact Design.
Best bang for your buck when it comes to thermal units on the market today.


1st time purchasing from X-Vision.
I got both the Red Dot ZRD1 and Magnifier. Put them on my AR-15 and with the ability to flip the magnifier out of the way, I have great aim at both short and long distance targets within the blink of an eye. I'm a fan.

Richard Murphy
Expert in Tactical for 10 years

It took a little on the learning curve to figure out but once it was zero'd this thing is amazing. Had guys that never shot a rifle before shooting 4 inch circle targets at 100 yds off a bipod. The best part was being able to record it for them to see a replay. For the money I'm completely satisfied and more than a little impressed.

Stephen Owens
Expert in Tactical for 6 years

Great scope for price

I used this at night a couple of times and could see horses around 350 yards out. It was a little confusing setting it up in the dark trying to figure out the different settings. I would recommend using it first in the daylight. Very easy to set up and use.

Matt Marks
Expert in Hunt for a year

These are some great night vision binoculars. Easy to use. Easy to setup. I have used these in pitch black moonless night with an ir flashlight an wow the detail is unbelievable. The built in camera is fairly easy to manipulate. I installed a 32g micro card just to avoid taking it out all the time to delete recordings. The shipping was quick. I think two or three days from receiving approval notice and binos were on front porch. Awesome

Paul Cain
Expert in Tactical for a year

This is a one of a kind product! Night vision range finder combo. Addresses all my archery needs. Love this product it is a must have for getting in and out if the woods without blowing deer out!

Chris Shimek
Expert in Hunt for 10 months