X Vision Night Vision Company

X-Vision Optics is Not Just a Night Vision Company

X-Vision Optics originally started out as a night vision company. You had a choice of a few night vision binoculars, a night vision monocular, and a night vision rangefinder. In the past couple years, we have been lucky to expand our product lineup to include red dots—and more new optics are coming soon. Here are all the categories of products you can now buy from us!

Red Dot Sights

Our red dot sights are what made us expand from a night vision company to an optics company. With three different sights added to our lineup, you are sure to find one that fits you best. We also included a red dot magnifier, which when paired with a red dot, allows you to view objects closer and clearer.

night vision companyBinoculars

We started out as a night vision company with our line up of night vision binoculars. Today, you can choose from four different options. Some features include video and photo capabilities while others feature a hands-free design. What makes these binoculars even greater is that you can use them both in the daytime and the nighttime.


As a night vision company and an optics company, we also have a monocular in our product lineup. This digital monocular has night vision capabilities but can also be used in the daytime. You can see up to 400 yards in the daytime and up to 150 yards in the nighttime.

night vision company lifestyle XANS550KRAD Scope & Flashlight

The KRAD digital night vision scope allows you to see up to 950 yards in the daytime and 350 yards during the night. It’s four-button design makes it easy to use. This scope also comes with built-in WiFi that allows you to connect your phone to a free phone app. You can see exactly what your scope is pointed at on your phone or tablet. We also have an IR flashlight in our product lineup. This can be attached onto the scope or used with another night vision device.


Last but certainly not least, our night vision rangefinder has a unique trio of technology. It has range finding, night vision, and magnification capabilities. This device is easy to use and opens the door for every kind of adventure at any time of the day. Follow us as we continue to expand out of a night vision company and into an encompassing optics company!