x optics cover image OK Hog Hunting

X Optics: Oklahoma Hog Hunting

Want to learn about different types of hunting from across the United States? Well, looks like today you are in luck, and the focus is all on Oklahoma! The x optics team is taking a deep dive into hog hunting. In Oklahoma, hog hunting season occurs anytime between January 16th and September 30th on public lands. On private lands, hog hunting can occur year-round. Check here for more information on public vs private land regulations.

Do You Need a License?

Long answer short, yes! You need a hunting license to hunt feral hogs.

Why do People Hunt for Hogs?

Hogs are known to damage crops and forests. Not only this, but they also cause damage to other animal’s habitats. Many southern states spend thousands of dollars to fix damage done by wild hogs. On top of this, hogs carry diseases that can spread to animals and also humans. Throw some ticks, fleas, and lice into the mix, and you’ll really understand why these animals cause such a problem. Wild hogs are known as an invasive species in the United States.

what x optics could I use OK Hog HuntingWhat X Optics Could I Use?

Night vision is legal to hunt hogs with in Oklahoma! So, grab an x optics night vision binocular and get ready for the action. The x optics Hands-Free Night Vision Binocular is probably the go-to. You can use the headstrap to securely attach it over your eyes and keep your hands free for full control over your gun. Don’t miss out on any of the action with the ability to take photos and videos! The x optics XANB35 Xtreme Night Vision Binocular is also a great option with similar features as the hands-free version.

Got More Questions?

Got more questions on the rules and regulations of hog hunting in Oklahoma? Check out this website here for frequently asked questions. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to look through the x optics XANB35 binoculars, watch this video of when our team went hog hunting!