Binoculars on a tripod

Why You Want to Put your Binoculars on a Tripod

Binoculars are a key piece of equipment for any hunting trip. However, just like rifles, they perform best from a stable platform. Therefore, for best performance, we recommend using a tripod. Here are some reasons to put your binoculars on a tripod.

Stabilizes Optic View

A tripod keeps your binocular stable without any input from you. While some hunters may rest their binoculars on their knees or other landscape objects, this isn’t sustainable long term. We can hardly hope for the perfect stump at every hunting location to hold our binoculars. Especially if using high levels of magnification to scout at a great distance, small movements such as your own breathing can result in massive, disorienting shifts in optic picture.

binoculars on a tripod looking in

Hand Free Options

It’s impossible to hold a rifle or call and a binocular at the same time. A tripod allows you to keep your eyes on the prize and your hands free to handle your other business. When you return from the task, the picture remains in sight and focus.

Maintains Optic Picture

As previously mentioned, a tripod keeps your binocular on target and in focus. This could be on a herd of game, a decoy or a single point in a landscape. Whatever your goal, a tripod for your binocular allows you to dial in and remain on the point regardless of wind or other environmental factors. Tripods even allow you to hold multiple optics in focus at the same time, allowing you to observe several areas at once.

Big Picture/Small Picture Focus

A stable binocular and stable optic picture allows for much more efficient scanning of the environment. By being able to return to the same specific point, it is easier to step back from the optic to get the bigger picture in the hunting environment.

detail hands holding binoculars in rain

Physically and Mentally Easier

An extended scouting venture might involve several hours looking through a binocular. A tripod makes this easier physically by saving energy spent stabilizing the binocular. What’s more, it makes it mentally easier. By reducing eye strain having to focus and refocus or deal with a moving optic picture, a tripod makes extended scouting significantly easier.

Try it for Yourself!

Here is a list of industry leading binocular tripods. We recommend a larger universal adapter to securely hold our night vision binoculars. Our rangefinding binoculars work with a greater variety of mounts due to their more standardized shape.