X-Vision Thermal Optics

Why Thermal Optics are Important

Thermal optics offer a massive advantage for any hunter in any environment for a multitude of reasons. Continue reading to learn why thermal optics will benefit your next hunt.

24 Hour Usage

Thermal optics function based on variations in temperature, rather than light. By relying on temperature, thermal optics function in both day and night environments. This is different from night vision optics, which require a low level of ambient light, or projected infrared light, to function. Read this article to learn more about how this technology works.

Thermal Optic with hog

Precise Temperature Detection

This precise temperature detection includes nonliving objects. Blood trails, bedding areas, and fresh game tracks also have a thermal signature. Stationary or "bedded down" animals will also be revealed by their radiant heat signature.

See Through Brush

Because thermal optics see temperature variations, they can see through brush and other light cover. Concealed animals will appear with clarity. This will not see through a tree, but heat signatures will show up clearly in light brush. The same goes for smoke or foggy conditions. The radiant heat of an animal will show up clearly in view.

Useful for All Scenarios

man posing with thermal optic after hunt 

The X-Vision Infinity Thermal Monocular provides advanced scouting tools with integral photo and video capability and 16 GB of internal memory. The X-Vision Impact Thermal Scope stores six different sets of zeroing data for accuracy across firearms. Both of these optics offer hotspot tracking, which follows the hottest object in its field of view. Hotspot tracking is useful for long range use or in dense foliage. They both can detect game to 1,900 yards or more. Finally, for closer targets, our Thermal Reflex Sight is effective to 1,000 yards.


Thermal technology has come a long way, in terms of price and convenience. Even just ten years ago, this equipment bore a hefty price tag. Modern prices are more like a single car payment than the full price of a car. Thermal and night vision optics are becoming increasingly affordable with new technology developments.


In conclusion, all these factors combine to make hunting easier, safer, and more fun for you and your partner. There is an unseen world to explore. New technology gives even the most experienced hunters a competitive edge. The final important question for you to ask is:

How could your hunting be improved with thermal optics?