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Why Streaming from the KRAD Digital Night Vision Scope is Important

As you might remember, we launched our new KRAD digital night vision scope a couple of months ago. This scope has the capability to connect your phone to the scope’s WiFi. You can see exactly what the scope is aiming at while viewing it on your phone or tablet. So, if you’ve ever wondered why you would want a digital night vision scope with streaming capabilities, stick around and we will tell you!

digital night vision target screenshotFirearm Safety

One of the most important things about hunting is firearm safety. Being able to see exactly what the scope is pointing at by viewing it on your phone or tablet allows you to help younger hunters make sure they are being safe. It also helps to tell them how to be accurate and consistent. With just starting out, you can tell a young hunter where to aim and what to aim at, without even having to physically look through the scope. Its video capabilities allow you to record their target and shot. This way you can replay it back and tell them how to do better next time.

Allows Anyone with a Physical Disability to Still Enjoy Hunting

There are some hunters out there with physical disabilities that make it difficult to enjoy hunting. With streaming capabilities, a hunter can aim at their target without having to physically look through the scope. By viewing the screen on a tablet, you can aim at your target and see the target easier. It also allows more freedom for the hunter to be able to aim and shoot on their own while still being safe. This feature of the digital night vision scope allows any type of hunter to use it.

Connect With a Few Friends

Another great feature of the KRAD digital night vision scope is that you can have a few of your friends connect to the WiFi at the same time. If you are out hunting with some buddies, they can get in on the action. Have your friends watch you in real-time as you aim at your target.