what is target shooting

What is Target Shooting?

Today it’s time to take a look at target shooting. Many of you may have heard of it—and many of you might also participate in it. But for those of you who don’t know much about it, we’re here to tell you all about the hype.

Target Shooting

Target shooting is a type of sport. It involves a variety of ways to use a device and shoot at a target. You could use rifles, pistols, crossbows, etc. You can aim at a target (hence the name), bottle, can, etc. Pistols are typically used at shorter ranges while rifles are used at longer ranges. If you are new to this sport and wish to start from shorter ranges, a pistol or rifles of .22 caliber are a good option. Although this sport is mainly done for fun, there are also competitions for those who have a competitive edge. Target shooting is also popularly used for Firearm Safety classes.

what optics to use while target shootingWhat Optics Should I Use For Target Shooting?

Popular target shooting optics include red dot sights and scopes. Red dot sights are the most popular. X-Vision Optics has 4 red dot sights in our product lineup. Red dot sights are used in this sport because it helps a shooter to aim better by placing a dot on your target. Our KRAD digital scope does the same thing but with more advanced settings.

Where Can I Find a Competitive Shooting Program?

There are a lot of competitions and programs out there for competitive target shooting. The NRA is a great place to start if you are new to finding programs or competitions that would be right for you. They have over 11,000 shooting tournaments and 50 national championships every year. They even have programs at over 300 colleges and universities.

Shooting Ranges

There are many shooting ranges throughout the United States. Some require memberships while others are open to the public. Make sure to do your research if you are trying out a new shooting range for the first time.