best night vision goggle what is infrared technology

What is Infrared Technology—And the Best Night Vision Goggle for Certain Uses

X-Vision Optics is proud to have a range of night vision products in our lineup. But what does infrared technology even mean, and how does it work? This can help you determine the best night vision goggle for your needs.

best night vision goggles infared technologyHow does Infrared Technology Work?

Infrared technology emits wavelengths longer than that of visible light. This means that it is invisible to the human eye. Infrared flashlights are a good example of this type of technology. When you turn them on, you see no light emitting from it. With the advancement in technology, the best night vision goggle for first-time buyers are typically within the $100 to $500 range. Some examples of these are our Deluxe Night Vision Binocular and our Xtreme Night Vision Binocular. The best night vision goggle for professional use such as in the military or police force can cost upward $1,000. Depending on the length of the wavelength, sometimes when using a night vision product there might be a faint red glow. This is because infrared wavelengths are close to the wavelengths of the color red. With this being said, typically animals are not aware of the use of night vision products. However, some may be able to faintly detect it.

What Kind of Night Vision Binocular Should I Use?

Although the best night vision goggle is typically found in professions such as the military and police, there are other uses for infrared technology. This type of technology is often used when hunting for deer, coyotes, or other game. (Make sure to check your state’s night vision hunting rules, as it varies by state). A hands-free night vision binocular is the best night vision goggle to use when you don’t have an extra hand to hold the binocular up to your face. This helps you to not worry about aiming for your target while holding a binocular at the same time. Other types of night vision products allow you to take photos and videos of your adventures. Infrared technology has changed the way we can see at night. From hunting, to surveillance, the military and more, infrared technology is changing the game.