Types of Hunting Camouflage

Types of Hunting Camouflage

Hunting camouflage is one of the key elements of a hunter’s toolkit. Camo helps a hunter blend into the environment and get as close to the prey as possible without being spotted. Here are some different types of hunting camouflage and their best applications.

Breakup Camouflage

This type of camo is named for how it breaks up your appearance, blurring the outline of your figure into the surrounding environment. Breakup hunting camouflage is extremely popular because of how effective and flexible it is. This camo can come in several different patterns to blend into a multitude of environments. This includes, woodland, wetland, riverbed, rocky/sandy, and snow.

Types of Hunting Camouflage

Digital Camouflage

You have likely seen this blocky digital design decorating armed forces, but it is also effective for hunting. Digital hunting camo combines large patterns to help you blend in at long distances and smaller patterns for close range concealment. Once again, this hunting camo comes in different patterns that suit different settings. 

Mimicry Camouflage

This type of camo differs from the previous types because instead of mimicking the terrain, it mimics the game. Mimicry hunting camouflage acts functionally similar to animal/bird calls. This camo is supposed to give your prey a false sense of security, they may even come closer to you before realizing you are not one of them. Depending on the pattern you wear though, the camo may be counterintuitive. If you wear a mimicry camo pattern that reflects a predator, you may scare prey away, so it is a balancing act that you have to keep in mind. Mimicry hunting camo is very situational but can also be very effective.


There many different hunting brands each offering their options of camouflage with pros and cons to each.  Two of the most popular are Realtree and Mossy Oak. These two both have distinct and quality camouflages. Realtree’s patterns often mimic thickly wooded terrains which lends itself well to deer hunting. Whereas Mossy Oak’s patterns blend better with open tall grass environments which are ideal for bird hunting. 

Types of Hunting Camouflage


Curious about what camo patterns would be best for your area? This helpful site will give you a camouflage suggestion based on the hunting terrain and game of your area. Have more questions about hunting camo? This blog goes over just about everything you may want to know.