Tips for hunting elk

Tips for Hunting Elk

The elk hunting season is rolling around again. Are you ready? The rolling hills and deep forests are calling our name. We put a list of tips for hunting elk together that will help you be prepared on your next hunt.

Move Away from Roads

If you’re hunting on public land, the chances of you finding an elk near a road are extremely slim. Sure, every once in a while, one might venture close to paved paths, but it’s likely someone else will get to it first. Elk want to stay as far away from people as possible. This means you must go where people normally never go. Deep into forests and rough country will be your best bet.

Hunt Late in the Season

Next on the list of tips for hunting elk is hunting later in the season. Later in the season means more snow on the ground. And more snow on the ground means it’s easier to find tracks. Elk will be pushed lower out of the upper slopes due to increasing levels of snow. This means you won’t have to walk as far and into tough terrain as you might have to earlier in the season.

Optics are Essentialhand with rangefinding binoculars

Optics are a must when it comes to elk hunting. Finding a good pair of binoculars, especially rangefinding binoculars, will help you spot them from afar and know exactly how far away they are at. This allows you to aim more accurately and on-target.

Dress Properly & Stay Hydrated

When hunting in the mountains, you must keep in mind that the weather could change at any moment. Dressing in layers is important. You’d rather be too hot and take some layers off than too cold. Bringing water with is also important. Since you’re in the mountains, there will typically always be a water source nearby such as a stream or snow. Bringing a filter with you so you can filter your water can prevent you from being bogged down from carrying all your water. Remember, hunt places others won’t. And good luck this elk hunting season.