Black Bear

Tips for Black Bear Hunting

Black bear hunting season will come around again before we know it. Whether you’ve ever hunted for bear or not, there are always opportunities to step up your game. Going out prepared and knowing what you are doing will help you catch your target. It will also help you to stay safe. Bear are challenging to hunt, so here are some tips that may help you out.

Scout Early

Forest morning sunriseIf you can go out and scout some areas early in the season that are likely to have bears, you’ll be in good shape. It’s difficult to find an area without knowing whether it is likely to have bears or not and end up actually getting one. Putting in the work beforehand will help you once the season is in full swing. Look for areas that bears can find food or potential denning areas. Then, find a place that you can plan to set up and glass from.

Mask Your Smell

Bears have excellent smelling abilities. Try masking your smell by using scent-free soap and detergents. Be cautious of which direction the wind is blowing, too. If you can stay downwind, a bear has less likely of a chance of smelling you.

Hunt at the Right Times of Day

Bears are the most active right away in the morning and right before nightfall. Even though bears can be found during the day, it’s less likely. They will be trying to stay away from any human activity or trying to find shade from the sun. So, spend the early mornings hunting, and then take a break as the day goes on. Rest up and get back out there before nightfall.

Do the Research

There is a lot to know when it comes to bear hunting. How to properly harvest the meat, what equipment works well to help find them, what areas they are known to be at, etc. The more you prepare and do research before the season starts, the better chances you will have.