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The Best Night Binocular for Hog Hunting

It is that time of year where avid hunters seem to all be hog hunting. A great way to help see hogs at night is to use a night vision binocular. But what is the best night binocular for doing so? Make sure to check your state’s laws and regulations when it comes to night vision devices. Some states allow the use of night vision products when hunting, while others don’t. This can also vary between type of animal you are hunting.

Meet the XANB35 Night Vision Binocular

The XANB35 Xtreme Night Vision Binocular is the best night binocular to use while hog hunting. You can see up to 300 yards during the nighttime. This night binocular also allows you to capture photos and videos of you on your hunt. It is the perfect way to show your friends and family later. You can use up to a 32GB memory card in this device. The XANB35 is equipped with three different backlight brightness settings. This allows you to see better during both the day AND night. Most night vision binoculars only allow you to see up to 200 yards at night. With the XANB35, you will be able to see farther and clearer than ever before. Finding your target on your hunt won’t be an issue.

best night vision binocular XStandDay & Night Usage

The XANB35 is the best night binocular also because you can also use it during the daytime. See up to 500 yards away in daylight. This digital binocular also has the capability of being used with or without eyeglasses. So, if you are wearing glasses, you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way.

Battery Life

Battery life lasts up to 6 hours during the night, and 10 hours during the day. As you can see, the XANB35 binocular is a great option for any hog hunting adventure. It has a long battery life, allows you to see further than many other night vision binoculars, and allows you to take photos and videos.