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Spring Turkey Hunting – Must Have Optics for a Successful Hunt

We Have The Perfect Optics For Spring Turkey Hunting!

If you ask any avid turkey hunter, they tell you there is no better season to target the American Wild Tukey than in the Spring. Wild turkeys have a habitat range that spreads across the vast majority of North America! This is all the way from Canada to Mexico and coast to coast. Because of their widespread abundance, wild turkeys have quickly become one most widely pursued and popular bird species to hunt over the last decade. Spring turkey hunting can be one of best and most exhilarating times to capitalize on targeting these large game birds. We’ve put together a list of the optics gear you’ll want to consider bringing to make your hunt more successful.


When the warming temperatures of Spring begin to rise, big tom turkeys and their flocks of hens begin their mating season rituals. This timing presents an optimal opportunity to target these big, bearded males. They are exceptionally responsive to a hunters efforts to call them in. However, well before any calling or stalking begins, you’ll need to locate their flocks first. The best time to hone in on your targeted flock of turkeys is the night prior to spring turkey hunting. After selecting the area you’ll be hunting, you’ll need to do some recon to find exactly where they are roosting. Once night falls, take few evenings to stealthily walk the area looking for their tree roosts. Big hardwoods or tall pines on ridge tops are the typical, universally preferred roosting areas for turkeys. You’ll want to remain as undetectable as possible to avoid spooking them as this may cause the turkeys to vacate the area. This is where using a night vision monocular, is incredibly helpful as it provides you the advantage of stealth: you can see them, but they cannot see you. The X-Vision Optics Digital Night Vision Monocular is the perfect tool for the job. Not only is it IR night vision digital picture incredibly clear, but it also only weighs less than a pound. Any experienced turkey hunter will tell you packing light is absolutely key for spring turkey hunting excursions.

Binoculars and Red Dot Sights

Now that you’ve hopefully been able to locate your roosting flock, it’s time to get set up. You’ll want to find a go-to feeding ground that is adjacent to where the turkeys are roosting. They are likely to head straight to these areas first thing at dawn when they come down from the roost. This is why setting up well before shooting light is a must. Grain fields that edge up against tree lines, clover fields that are just starting to pop up, or hollows heavy with mature white oak can be a great place to find Spring turkeys gorging themselves on fallen acorns leftover from last fall. Even open soil area where they can scratch for insects is ideal. Having water sources nearby is also critical to them. They will walk to and from their feeding to drinking areas continuously throughout the day. Having a day/night vision capable set of binoculars is your best friend in the moments after getting set up. Since you’ll be near the roosting site you located the evening before, being able to monitor them coming down from the trees before shoot light is essential. The X-Vision Xtreme Night Vision Binoculars are the perfect addition to your pack for this situation. Then, once daylight becomes visible, you can monitor their movements with it’s daylight mode. You can even record video and take photos with this unit to recount their behaviors after your Spring turkey hunt. Shooting accuracy is incredibly important when targeting any game bird and turkeys are no exception. No hunter wants to risk only injuring a turkey and likes to avoid having to take multiple shots. With the rapidly growing popularity of red dot sights expanding into the hunting market, you may want to consider mounting one to your shotgun for your spring turkey hunting outing. If your firearm is picatinny mount compatible, the X-Vision Optics ZRD1 Red Dot Sight is a great, affordable option to help ensure that when your shooting moment arrives, it’s a spot-on, accurate killshot. Hopefully these tools and tips from X-Vision Optics will help lead you to taking home a trophy tom on your next spring turkey hunting experience!