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Hunting at Night: How to Photograph Your Hunt

Photographing your hunt to share with friends and family is not always easy. Hunting at night and getting the right lighting takes some practice. There are a couple of different ways to photograph your hunt—whether that be through a night vision device, or on an actual camera. Here are some tips and tricks for both so you can show off your hunts to everyone later on.

Photographing your Hunt Through a NV Device

If you are looking to purchase a night vision binocular, buying one with photo and video capabilities is a huge plus. You won’t have to worry about bringing along a camera or fumbling around in the dark for your phone. Some tips for taking pictures on a NV device is to make sure you have a memory card in the device. You won’t be able to see your pictures later if there is no way to save them. Always try to keep a steady hand so your video isn’t shaky. Use the zoom features on the device to see an object clearly and up close. Playing around with your night vision binoculars ahead of your hunt will help you tremendously in the field. You will know where each button is on the device and how to properly work it.

Photography Through a Camera

photographing your hunt at night man posing with game If you’re hunting at night, having the flash on your camera is a must. It doesn’t matter if you are in a dimly lit area—if you don’t have the flash, your picture won’t turn out. Most hunting products are black in color, which means if it isn’t situated correctly in the picture, it won’t show up against a dark background. Some of the best hunting photographers place their hunting product against something of a lighter background. Whether that be the animal itself, the ground, or holding it in their hand. Just remember—it takes time and practice to get quality photos when hunting at night. Take time to know your device before taking it out in the field. Take time to read directions so you use your devices correctly, and we promise your hunting photos will turn out like a pro’s.