Man overlooking mountains with binoculars in hand during a mountain hunt

What Type of Optics do You Need for a Mountain Hunt?

Hunting in the mountains is very different than hunting in flat forests. You need to build up endurance and be ready for hiking through tough terrain. Packing the right essentials and wearing the right clothing gets you half-way there but knowing what optics to bring along brings you to the finish line. So, what type of optics do you need for a mountain hunt?

Rangefinding Binoculars

Rangefinding binoculars detail A pair of rangefinding binoculars is a must on any mountain hunt. They can see farther than a general rangefinder, and can range farther than a normal rangefinder, too. Combining two pieces of optics into one saves on space and means you get to carry less, too. Rangefinding binoculars are easy to quickly pull out if you need to take a look at a sudden object in the distance or look over a ridge. These types of binoculars such as X-Vision Optics’ RB1042 rangefinding binoculars provide unmatched clarity. Knowing how far away an object is from you can help you take a better shot.


Using a riflescope while out in the mountains can help you acquire your target faster and easier. If you purchase a riflescope with decent magnification capabilities, you can help take the guesswork out of your shots.

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes give you even more magnification capabilities than rangefinding binoculars. You can get up to 45-60x magnification on certain spotting scopes. You’ll be able to see animals up close and track down the elk you’ve been watching all day. Purchasing a tripod to put your optics on, such as your spotting scope, can save the trouble of holding the device for hours on end. Make sure to purchase a tripod that will be the height you want it at. If you prefer standing while glassing, make sure the tripod is tall enough to comfortably use. Make sure to invest in quality equipment, so it will last longer and help you out better in the field.