X Site How Does the MG1 Work?

On the X Site—How does the MG1 Magnifier Work?

This spring X-Vision Optics released a lineup of red dot sights, and along with it, the MG1 Magnifier. If you navigate on our x site, you can find the MG1 Magnifier under the “Red Dot Sight” tab. We are super excited for our customers to use this product.

How does the mg1 magnifier work x siteHow does the MG1 Magnifier Work?

This x site is meant to be used with red dot sights. When using a red dot, it’s super easy to shoot at targets. But pair it with a magnifier, and that target just got a whole lot easier to see. When using the magnifier with a red dot, you will want to put it behind the red dot. So, for example, when you are holding a gun, you will look through the magnifier first and then through the red dot. If you place the magnifier in front of the red dot, the product will not work correctly.

Why Use a Magnifier?

Using a magnifier with a red dot sight such as one of our x sites allows you to see a target much better. It adds magnification so you can view objects closer and clearer. The MG1 has the capability to fit on both weaver and picatinny style rails. Consequently, you can use the MG1 with any red dot sight. One of the best features of the MG1 is its flip-aside design. You can attach it to your gun, but if you don’t want to use it, you can just flip it to the side instead of completely taking it off. If you do wish to take it off, however, this product has a quick-release feature that makes it easy to attach or detach from your gun.

Want to Know More?

View our product on our x site here or watch our product video. To know more about magnifiers in general, check out this website here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7IROlqoQ_k