Night vision binoculars on a tripod

Why You Want To Put Your Night Vision Binoculars On A Tripod

No night hunter’s toolkit is complete without pair of night vision binoculars, this is a given. What is not always acknowledged is the immense advantage that a tripod for said night vision binoculars provides. Here is a short list of how a tripod gives you an edge on your night hunts.

Maintain Image

When staking out a high traffic location for prey, a tripod can keep your night vision binoculars on target. This keeps the image free of any human or environmental factors. It is easy to get lost when hunting at night. With a tripod, you don't have to worry about losing track of a landmark, herd of game, or where you put bait because the tripod keeps your binoculars fixed on where you want.

man using Night vision binoculars

Efficient Scanning

A tripod also enables more efficient scanning of terrain. Because the night vision binoculars are fixed to a tripod it is easy to make sweeping lateral movements and return to the resting position. This helps you scan an area for landmarks and game more effectively without losing your initial view.

Stabilized View

One of the major benefits of a tripod is obviously stabilizing your optics. A tripod takes out the human error that comes from viewing images at long ranges, such as breathing which sways the optic in a disorientating fashion. Not only that, but a tripod also helps with environmental factors such as wind. A stable image is extremely important for night hunts and a tripod excels at providing one.

Night vision binoculars sitting on the hood of a vehicle

Hands Free Option

With all the equipment that comes along with a night hunt, a tripod for your night vision binoculars can help lighten the load. Instead of balancing your binoculars on your knee or hanging it around your neck, try using a tripod. With this addition, you can keep your eyes on target while using your free hands to take care of other tasks. When you return to the night vision binoculars the tripod will have kept the image right where you want it.

Try it Out!

Not convinced yet? Here are some of the best tripods from 2022, pick your favorite and try it with one of our night vision binoculars or range finding optics.