Rangefinding binocular detail

Introducing Our New Rangefinding Binoculars

X-Vision Optics is continuing to expand our ever-growing product selection with our new lineup of Rangefinding Binoculars.

There are many benefits of rangefinding binoculars, and the RB0842 and RB1042 are here to change the game! Combining the technologies of glassing and rangefinding, you’ll be able to find AND know how far away your target is with one device. Add a rangefinding binocular to your hunting must-haves this season.

Long Distance Ranging

hiker with rangefinding binocular in rain Our RB1042 and RB0842 binoculars provide the distance data needed to get the job done. The RB1042 has 10x magnification for precise readings to your target whether you’re hunting, golfing, or using it for recreational purposes. Additionally, the RB0842 has 8x magnification. These extremely effective binoculars have an angle measurement range of +/- 90 degrees that is accurate within 0.5 degrees.

Multiple Modes

In addition, these rangefinding binoculars offer multiple modes: Standard, Hunt, Golf, and Rain. The standard mode has no icon displayed on the OLED (red-colored) display. The standard mode provides distance and angle measurement. On the other hand, the rain mode is ideal for rainy or foggy days where the target distance is greater than 30 yards, with the horizontal distance (HD) provided. Additionally, the golf mode gives the priority to the near object which is helpful in picking out a flag from objects behind it. If the rangefinder obtains multiple distances, it will display the nearest option. Lastly, the hunt mode gives preference to the further object, ignoring interfering objects like bushes and branches. No matter the mode, you will get precise, line-of-sight ranging distances. Rangefinding Binocular Set

Easy to Use

These compact and lightweight rangefinding binoculars are easy to use with two operating buttons to give you fast and accurate readings. The product includes a protective carrying case, neck strap, lens covers, CR2-3V battery, battery key, and microfiber lens cloth. Moreover, the rangefinding binocular runs on a single, long-lasting CR2-3v Lithium battery. Uniquely, the OLED screen has a simple, clean, easy-to-read display menu for quick and accurate readings. The rangefinding binocular lenses are multilayered, anti-reflective, and come with an anti-scratch glass coating. For more additional specs and information, be sure to check out our product pages!