new rangefinder models RFP875 and RFO1600

Let’s Talk About X-Vision Optics’ New Rangefinder Models!

We’ve got two NEW rangefinder models that we are introducing to our lineup! Both the RFP875 and the RFO1600 are made for every outdoor enthusiast. Their high-precision capabilities will give you confidence whether you’re in the tree stand, on the golf course, or verifying that the person next to you is six feet away. So, what else is there to know about them?

Two Different Models

We are adding two different new rangefinder models —the RFP875 and the RFO1600. Both models have similar features, but different ranging distances. The RFP875 has a PDLC smart glass display while the RFO1600 has a red OLED display. Both allow you to get clear readings even in low light environments.

Long Distance Ranging

new rangefinder models- RFP875 and RFO1600 The RFP875 has a long-distance range of 875 yards, while the RFO1600 has a long-distance range of 1640 yards. Both these models have 6x magnification for precise readings to your target. Both the RFP875 and the RFO1600 have an angle measurement range of 90 degrees that is accurate within 1 degree.

Multiple Modes

Both rangefinders have 4 different modes: Standard, Rain, Golf, and Hunting. The standard mode has no icon displayed on the screen. This mode provides distance and angle measurement. The rain mode is ideal for rainy or foggy days where the target distances are greater than 30 yards. Golf mode gives the priority to the nearer object which is helpful in picking out a flag from objects behind it. Hunting mode gives preference to the further object, ignoring interfering objects such as bushes or branches.

Easy To Use

These compact and lightweight rangefinders are easy to use with two operating buttons to give you fast and accurate readings. Each rangefinder includes a cleaning cloth, soft pouch, lanyard, and poly bag. The RFP875 and the RFO1600 run on a single, long-lasting CR2 battery. For any additional information, visit the RFP875 or the RFO1600 product pages to learn more!