Close up of hunting night scope KRAD XANS550

The New KRAD XANS550 4-Button Digital Night Vision Scope is Here! Perfect for Any Hunting Night!

It has arrived! The new XANS550 KRAD Digital Scope is now available. Perfect for any hunting night, take it out on your adventures and Discover The Unseen. You may be wondering, “How is this scope different than our previous version?” Here are some features on why you should use this scope on any hunting night you have planned for this upcoming summer season.

XANS550 Scope vs. XANS500 Scope

Over the past year, we have taken customer’s feedback and our own personal experiences and created a scope that is easier to use and has better qualities. From using it during the day to using it during your hunting night, this scope has everything you would ever need to catch your target.

Day & Night Distance Range

The new KRAD Night Vision Scope has a daytime distance range of 950 yards. This is 250 yards more than our previous model. See your target from farther away with extreme accuracy. This night vision scope also has a nighttime distance range of 350 yards, allowing you to view animals without any external light.

Close up of man holding KRAD XANS550 hunting night scopeEasy to Use for Beginners and Professionals

The KRAD Night Vision Scope has a simple 4-button design, making it easy to use during any hunting night out with your friends. This is 5 buttons less than the previous model. Its straightforward operation makes it easy to use for any type of outdoorsmen.

Take Photos and Videos—View Them Right on Your Phone

One of the best characteristics of the KRAD Night Vision Scope is that is emits its own WiFi signal, making it easy to connect to our complimentary phone app. You can view photos and videos in real-time directly on your phone screen. It can connect a few users at the same time, so your friends can get in on the action during your hunting night without even having to be the one to use the scope. The phone app is available for both iPhone and Android users!

Want to Learn More?

There are many characteristics about the KRAD Night Vision Scope that makes it perfect for any hunting night. From long continuous use of a 6-hour battery life, to using it during both the daytime and nighttime. Click here to watch our product video to learn more!