xvision hunting scope hunting on public land

How to Shoot Safely when Hunting on Public Land

Hunting on public lands allows people to recreational hunt. It gives people more opportunities and is a privilege here in the United States. Having this privilege means we have to take responsibilities in keeping ourselves and others safe. Here are some tips for hunting on public land that are good to know before your next outing.

Know and Follow the Rules/Law

It is extremely important to do the research before you head out for your hunt. Know your state’s laws and regulations and also know the regulations on the piece of land you are planning to hunt on. Rules vary by state AND by land, so staying informed is critical. It’s also important to know that a general hunting season—such as deer season—may not be the same on public land.

man looking through scope hunting on public landBe Aware of Your Surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings!! This means keeping an eye out for other hunters. If you come across another hunting group, move away from them in a completely different direction. If you arrive at a public hunting area and notice there are already a lot of vehicles there, it is best to move to a different location.

Know Gun Safety

Never shoot at something that you can’t 100% see. If you aren’t 100% certain you are aiming at a deer, then don’t take the shot. Always have your gun pointed in a safe direction and keep it unloaded AND on safety as you travel from place to place.

Be Courteous

Be courteous of other hunters out and about. Keep an eye out for them and respect their space. Have different hunting spots in mind just in case people have already taken your first hunting place. Be respectful to the land you are hunting on. This means pick up your trash and if you see any trash laying around from someone else, pick that up also. You always want to try to leave the land looking better than when you got there. Again, hunting on public land is a privilege, and we can’t take it for granted.