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Hunting Coyotes at Night: Why Night Vision?

Why Night Vision is Beneficial to Coyote Hunting

Hunting Coyotes at night versus during the day can provide some of the best opportunities for a successful hunt. Not to mention the added adrenaline rush that coincides with hunting these predators in total darkness. As you gear up, research, and prepare for hunting coyotes at night, you might have questions. Why choose night vision optics over other options such as thermal or light spotting? Here are some of the top reasons to consider night vision over the alternatives.

 Night Vision coyote stalking at night


The primary advantage night vison offers is the level of clarity. Where other forms of optics might offer great detection, night vision provides a high level of identification and clear visibility. With a night vision scope such as the XANS550, you will be able to see more details, observe behaviors, and stalk the animal just as you would in daylight. This is especially true if viewing at a longer distance. This clarity factor is extremely important when determining the right moment to shoot. If the image is blurry or has distortion, as it can sometimes be with thermal imaging, you run the risk of wounding the animal or missing the shot entirely.


The versatility of night vision optics is also something to be discussed. Optics like the XANB50 Hands-free Night Vision Binocular offer coyote hunters a completely hands-free night vison experience. Night vision optics collect and intensify very small amounts of ambient light to create an image. Night vision optics increase the brightness of the image you see through the optic. These natural light sources offer more than enough visibility to see a coyote clearly, even on the darkest night. When hunting in complete darkness, the simple addition of an affordable infrared flashlight will increase your visible range. The XANF100 Infrared Flashlight acts as an undetectable spotlight. This provides the perfect amount of ambient light. Additionally, night vision optics tend to be more lightweight than other options, making them more portable.


Affordability will likely be a major point of consideration in your choice of optics. Night vision technology has been around much longer than thermal imaging. Because of this, night vision is in a more affordable category of optics. Digital night vision optics allow hunters to use their device in both daylight and total darkness. Therefore, you get a 2-in-1 optic benefit at an affordable cost. Check out all of the X-Vision Optics digital night vision choices here.