man looking through rangefinding binoculars

How to Properly Care for your Rangefinding Binoculars

To start, binoculars are a bit more fragile than your standard gear, so it’s important to care for them so they can serve you a long time.

Don’t Leave your Binoculars in direct sunlight

This is important if you keep rangefinding binoculars in your car. Exposed sun will slowly separate the lenses from the lens covers, causing them to crack. Furthermore, in a car, keep them somewhere anchored so they don’t slide across the car when you stop.

Make Use of Your Case

We include a high quality protective case with every pair of X-Vision rangefinding binoculars for a reason. We want your rangefinding binoculars to last you a long time.

rangefinding binoculars in rain

In Use

Nothing about field conditions is ever perfect, but here are some best practices in the field to care for and avoid a catastrophe for your binoculars.

Use a Strap

The simplest way to control your binoculars in the field is with a neck strap. A neck strap keeps your binoculars close and in control. When traversing terrain, a neck strap also allows you to tuck binoculars into a jacket.

Keep Your Binoculars Dry

Rangefinding binoculars are capable of handling a light rain. In heavier rain, seek cover or use a waterproof cover to minimize moisture in the set. Because of the electronic components in our rangefinding binoculars, full immersion will likely destroy the electronics.

person using rangefinding binoculars in fog

After Use Care

Wipe Down All Metal Components

Before storing your rangefinding binoculars, wipe down any dirt from the binocular housing.

Remove Grit from the Lens

Hunting is a gritty sport but rubbing grit into lenses will permanently damage them. Before cleaning a lens, use a lens cleaning tissue or soft bristle brush and invert the binoculars to allow the dirt to fall off. You can use a blower to achieve this same function, but don’t use your breath. Blowing on your binocular’s lenses will trap particles on the glass due the moisture of your breath.

Use Microfiber Cloth to Clean Lenses

In the field, a sleeve might work in a pinch. For best results long term, you will want a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses. Also consider adding a lens cleaning solution to remove oil stains from the lens and lens coating.

Dry Them Before Storing

Before storing your binoculars, wipe the exterior down with a soft, dry cloth and store them in the case. Consider adding a silica packet to the binocular case to maintain proper humidity.