Using rangefinder in cold

How to Care for Your Hunting Optics in Cold Weather

With fall coming in full force, we know winter is just around the corner. If you’re planning on heading out for a hunt in cold weather or using your optics in the cold, this guide can help make sure you get the most out of your optics.

Watch the Battery Life

If you plan on using an optics device in cold weather, pay attention to the battery life. Cold weather affects battery life by draining power much faster than normal. It may be a good idea to bring along extra batteries (but keeping them in a warm place) or being diligent about when and where you use your optics. Knowing that the battery life may not last as long as normal will help you prepare and not get caught off-guard.

Don’t Leave on the Ground/Snow

X Vision optic scope If you are using an optic such as a binocular or rangefinder and want to put it down to aim for your target, don’t put it down on the cold ground or on top of snow. This can cause the battery life to decrease even faster. Or, if you get snow on the device and water gets in between cracks, it could cause damage. Use a neck strap or wrist strap on your device. This way, you don’t have to put it down on the ground after usage.

Carry in Your Pants Pocket or Jacket

Try to keep your optics out of the cold as much as possible. If you can put it in the pocket of your pants to help keep it warm, do it. Or if you can keep it in the pocket of your winter jacket, do that as well. Keeping your optics as warm as much as possible will help keep it operating to the best of its ability.

Always Read the Manual

Even though reading manuals aren’t fun, you should do so to see if there are any tips on keeping your optics performing to the best of its ability. This includes using the correct type of batteries. There may be sections on how the device performs in different conditions. Knowing how to properly care for your device will help it last as long as possible.

Store Unused Devices in Room Temperature

If you aren’t planning on taking your optics out in the winter, store it in a place that is room temperature. You should also take the batteries out of the device, as well.