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How to Become a Hunter without Experience

Never been introduced to hunting but want to get involved in the sport? This one’s for you!

Hit the Web

The internet can help you find just about anything, including opportunities to hunt. Here is a handy website that lets you find local hunting clubs based upon state and zip code. You can also search out groups on social media like Facebook. The right people will help mentor you to avoid the big problems of hunting without experience.

Know Before You Go

two men posing with boar Find out what you want to hunt beforehand. Different game and different seasons appeal to different people. Some may enjoy the cold stillness of deer hunting, while others may prefer the active searching of grouse hunting. This also plays further into the type of firearms, clothing and other gear you’ll need to hunt. Once you know what you want to hunt and when, search out a resource for gear. Searches like “gear list for deer hunting” or “bird hunting deer list” can give you an idea what types of equipment you need. Some types of hunting, such as backcountry or bow hunting, are more gear intensive and require more specialized equipment and skills. Examples of this include binoculars for long distance scouting, or additional layers for November deer hunting. After you know when and what you want to hunt, spend some time reading up on regulations for hunting. Some states may require hunter’s safety, or other regulations, such as permits or lottery systems for tags. It is important to follow all regulations regarding hunting. Fines from a game warden are no way to start off your hunting career. Even if you are without experience, the rules still apply.

Get in Gear

After you find out what you need, start purchasing gear. There are a variety of different hunting retailers that will sell all you need to get started. If cost is an issue, used markets such as Facebook Marketplace are a great way to get gear on the cheap. We also sell blemished optics for those looking to get a deal on a usable but less beautiful piece of X-Vision gear. Consider waiting for a closeout sale after the end of a hunting season to rack up seasonal discounts on other hunting gear like apparel. man looking through x-vision optics with friend

Get Out There!

Once you have gear, the right information, and a group to learn from and hunt with, you’re well on your way to go from a hunter without experience, to a hunter with experience. Furthermore, don’t get discouraged if you aren’t initially successful. Hunting is the work of a lifetime and the waiting pays off!