what are some different types of scopes

What are Some Different Types of Scopes?

Been looking for a new scope? Not sure what one you need, or what types of scopes are used for what purposes? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. There are tons of different kinds of scopes out in the market right now. This guide can help you determine which scope may be right for you.

Hunting Scopes

hunting scope These types of scopes are extremely simple. Their main purpose is to create a bright and easy to see image in many different weather conditions. Typically, when you are hunting, you need to be able to make quick decisions. Therefore hunting scopes are made to be easy to use and extremely durable.

Night Vision Scopes

night vision scopes

If you are an avid night hunter, then a night vision scope is for you. These types of scopes you can use in dark or low light conditions. Our KRAD night vision scope is an example of this. With a built-in IR illuminator, it allows you to see even when there is little to no light.

Long Range Scopes

long range scope Typically, any scope that has over 10x magnification could fall into this category.

Fixed Scopes

fixed scope This type of scope is very simple. This is because it has only one magnification level. You can’t adjust your magnification up or down. These types of scopes are typically the cheapest option for this exact reason. It could be a good starter scope if you are new to these kinds of optics.

Variable Scopes

variable scope

These types of scopes allow you to adjust your magnification across multiple levels. They are great to use at both shorter and longer distances. Of course, they will be a bit more expensive than fixed scopes, but it would be worth the price. As you can see, a scope may fall into many of these categories depending on its features. Long story short, if you’re in the market for a new scope, it’s best to read up on it before you buy. This way you will know exactly what it does and what it is best equipped for.