Deer stand on tree line

Deer Hunting Tips

Deer hunting season is upon us. Whether you’re a beginner or need a refresher, we’ve got some deer hunting tips to help you have a successful hunt.

Be Quiet

It can be difficult to be quiet when out in the woods where there are branches and brush in every direction. Make sure to try and move at a steady pace. If you make a loud noise, stop moving for a while to let any deer close to you settle back down. Deer can hear much better than humans, so being quiet is extremely important.

Know the Area & Hunt Prepared

Man looking through binoculars If you want to try out a new area to hunt this season, make sure to go out before your first hunt to get a feel of the terrain. This way you can figure out where you’d like to set up a tree stand, what location might be the best to walk, etc. You should also bring along food, water, and necessary equipment for your hunt. Being prepared also means wearing the right clothing and letting someone close to you know that you are heading out for a hunt. Bring along a first-aid kit as well in case of any emergencies.

Mask Your Smell

Deer have phenomenal smelling abilities. They can easily tell a human is nearby by the way we smell. Even when you think you’ve done a good job covering up your smell, it probably isn’t good enough. Get rid of your smell by using scent-free soap and detergent when you wash your clothes. There are also cover-up deer scents you can buy to help mask your smell as well.

Hunt At the Correct Time

deer hunting tip - use a Tree Stand Hunting at the right time is essential. Deer typically come out during dusk, dawn, and at night. This means you must plan to hunt at these times, too. If you head into the woods while it is still daylight and set up camp, you can catch them coming out as it turns to nighttime. Also, make sure to know how to hunt safely if you are on public lands.

Know When to Approach a Deer When Shot

If you spot a deer and have a clear shot, take it! If you end up hitting the deer, make sure you know where you hit it. Deer often times run a little way away after it is shot. Knowing where you originally hit it will help you find it afterward. Additionally, once you shoot it, don’t chase after it. If you chase after it, it could end up running farther than it would have originally if you just let it be. Once you find the deer you shot, you should throw a rock or a stick near it before you approach it. Even though it could appear dead, it might not be. If you follow along with these helpful tips, you will be in a good spot this deer hunting season.