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Coyote Night Hunt Tips and Tricks

Planning a coyote hunting trip with some buddies? If you’ve never gone on a coyote hunt or need some brushing up on some tips, then settle back and relax. We’ve got you covered with some night hunt tips for your coyote outing. However, before we jump in, just remember to check your state’s laws to see if you can hunt coyotes at night. Even if you can’t, these tips can help you out.

Learn Where to Look

Knowing where to look can make-or-break your hunt—especially out on a night hunt. Finding coyotes can be hard at times because they spend a lot of time on the move after denning season. Keeping tabs on their habits and learning where to look can help you this fall season. Finding signs such as tracks or droppings can be a good start. Droppings can act as a type of marker. You can typically find these in places such as roads, creeks, and any other type of natural boundaries.

night hunt coyotes behaviorsStudy Coyote’s Behaviors

Coyotes have different behaviors at different times of the year. Being able to understand how coyotes typically behave at certain parts of the year is a huge step in the right direction. Coyotes spend most of the year (from late summer through November) trying to find food. This would be the best time of year to go on a night hunt. We think the most popular optic to use is a scope when trying to hunt coyotes.

Try Different Calls

Coyotes are smart, which means they can pick up on calls that are used often. This means if you try using a call in a good location and get no response, it could be that they’ve already learned from a past experience. Be sure to use calls that work in the area you are hunting. Trying a certain animal call in an area that never has that type of animal won’t do you much good. On a night hunt when everything is extra quiet, you’ve got to get your calls right. Turkey calls, small dog yips, or rodent calls is a good starting point. For more information on coyote hunting tips and tricks, check out this website!