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Night Vision Care: How Do I Care for My Night Vision Product?

Night vision devices are made easily available nowadays. They used to be used mainly by the military and law enforcement. But with easier access and advancement in technology, it’s simple to get your hands on an NVD for a range of uses. From hunting to surveillance to recreation and more, night vision devices are becoming increasingly popular. With the use of a night vision product, you should know proper night vision care. Taking care of your device will help prolong its life.

Take Care of Your Batteries

Whether your device uses AA batteries or a rechargeable battery, you must take good care of them. This means keeping them stored in a dry and safe location. Wet batteries could damage the device.

Avoid Lots of Water

An important aspect of night vision care is to avoid lots of water. If you are planning to take your device out for a hunt, it’s best to check the weather. Lots of exposure to rain could damage the device. Night vision devices are meant to be a little waterproof, but only to limited amounts of water. If you happen to get water on your device, dry it off as soon as possible.

Be Careful What You Use to Clean Your Device

night vision product care

Cleaning your night vision device with harsh chemicals could potentially ruin it. If you want to clean the outside of your device, try using a damp towel and dry quickly afterwards.

Store Your Device in a Safe Place

If you are planning on not using your binocular for a while, store it in a safe place. This means putting it in a dry location and not exposed to the elements. You should also remove your batteries from the device.

Follow The Owner’s manual

Every product is a little different. This means night vision care may vary depending on brand. Reading the owner’s manual on how to care for the device helps it to last longer. Proper maintenance and following the instructions will help to make sure you are using the device correctly as well.