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Even the Best Night Binoculars need Alkaline Batteries—Here’s Why

Why is it that even the best night binoculars seem to ask for Alkaline batteries? There is a good chance that if your night vision binocular uses batteries, it asks you to use Alkaline batteries. So, why do Alkaline batteries seem better than any other kind? Here are some advantages we found to using Alkaline batteries, so your binocular can be one of the best night binoculars you’ve ever had.

Advantage #1: Higher Energy Density

There are many advantages to using alkaline batteries, especially when they help your binoculars to be the best night binoculars they can be. Alkaline batteries have a higher density, which means that it has double the energy density. Consequently, this allows Alkaline batteries to produce the same energy as other batteries while lasting longer.

Alkaline battery x optics operates in cold weather best night binocularsAdvantage #2: Operates in Cold Weather

Have you ever tried using a device outside and the battery seems to die almost instantly? Alkaline batteries can withstand the cold much better than other types of batteries. This means you will get longer use out of your product when fall and winter roll around.

Advantage #3: Standard Sizing & Safe

Did you know that Alkaline batteries have a standard size that is easy to use in almost every product you buy? From the best night binoculars to night vision monoculars, you won’t have to worry about the battery not fitting. Alkaline batteries are also made from materials that are safer for people. Not to mention, they do not harm the environment as much as other battery types do.

Advantage #4: Longevity

Alkaline batteries have a much longer life than other types of batteries. These types of batteries can last up to about seven years unused. Some of the best night binoculars can be unused for years and still work well if Alkaline batteries are installed. So, if you want to get the most out of your batteries, Alkaline is the way to go. In conclusion, use Alkaline batteries to ensure your night vision binoculars perform to the best of their ability. If you’d like any additional information, check out this website here.