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Best Monocular Night Vision: Meet the XANB60 Rangefinder

There are a lot of different types of rangefinders and monoculars out there on the market. So why do we think our XANB60 is the best monocular night vision? Keep reading to find out!

Pocket Sized XStandPocket-Sized

Our Digital Night Vision Monocular is small—and for a good reason! It can easily fit in your pocket when out hunting with your friends. It is the best monocular night vision because you won’t ever have to worry about finding a place to put it. Place it away for safekeeping in the pocket of your coat or pants or keep it around your wrist with the wrist strap. You can also easily hold it in one hand.

High Performance Distance Range

Although the XANB60 is small, it is mighty! You can see as far as 150 yards during the nighttime, or up to 400 yards during the daytime. The XANB60 is the best monocular night vision because it is equipped with an invisible IR light. This allows you to clearly see animals or objects during the night without extra external light.

Battery Life XANB60Battery Life

This digital night vision monocular has a long-lasting battery life. It lasts up to 9 hours of usage during the daytime, or 4 hours of usage during the nighttime. It requires 6 AA Alkaline batteries (not included with your purchase).

Why Use a Night Vision Monocular?

You can use a night vision monocular for many reasons. The XANB60 is the best monocular night vision because you can use it for hunting, surveillance, and more. Monoculars offer the most versatility and accessories. You can use our XANB60 monocular with or without eyeglasses. Looking through a night vision device such as a monocular also gives you better situational awareness. This is because one eye is looking through the device, while the other eye has peripheral vision of what is around you.

Interested in Learning More?

Check out our video of our XANB60 Digital Night Vision Monocular here.