Rangefinding binoculars with shooter in background

Benefits of Rangefinding Binoculars

We are just going to say it. A pair of rangefinding binoculars needs to be one of your hunting necessities. These types of binoculars are often better than plain rangefinders and can help you on your expeditions. Here are reasons you should consider purchasing a rangefinding binocular if you haven’t already!

Increased Magnification

Rangefinding binoculars such as our RB1042 binoculars give you increased magnification. Often, you will get better magnification rather than using a generic rangefinder. This can help you on your hunts when you’re posted up and on the lookout for your next target. Being able to see closer up from farther away means less of a chance at scaring an animal away.

Range Farther

detail of rangefinding binoculars Rangefinding binoculars allow you to range farther than traditional rangefinders. Not only that but having a binocular and a rangefinder built into one device means one less piece of equipment you have to bring out onto the field. You can range an animal and its relation to landmarks around it much easier and with a clearer view.

Multiple Modes

Most rangefinding binoculars have multiple modes within one device. Our RB1042 and RB0842 binoculars have four different modes. These modes are standard, hunting, rain, and golf. Each different mode ranges a little differently, giving the purpose of the activity you are currently doing. Regular binoculars or rangefinders do not have options such as this.

Helps with Accuracy

Since rangefinding binoculars have increased magnification and longer-ranging capabilities, it allows you to aim more accurately at your target. You will have a better idea of where exactly your target is and how far away it is from you. This can help no matter what your weapon of choice is. Rangefinding binoculars have become increasingly popular with bowhunters as of lately. There are many benefits to using a binocular with rangefinding capabilities. Are you up to trying one out for yourself?