Man firing gun at gun range

Gun Range Day: 5 Things to Bring

It’s the day you’ve been eagerly waiting for as the days tick down on the calendar: range day. Here are some things to bring to make sure you have the best possible time. Be sure to consider range of regulations and local laws in addition to this list.

Rifle and Ammunition

gun on shooting bench Simply enough, there’s no shooting without a firearm. First, make sure whatever gun you choose is clean and lubricated for best performance. Next, make sure to bring your rifle in a case as state, local, and range regulations require. Once you have your rifle squared away, make sure to bring the adequate quantity and type of ammunition. However, make sure to store rifle and ammunition separately in locked cases for safety reasons. Furthermore, be sure to check in advance as some ranges may require you to purchase ammunition on the range. Finally, make sure that both of these components are stored in the locked trunk of your vehicle. Security is important for safe and legal firearm ownership.

Safety Gear

We recommend eye protection and ear protection. Yet other users may opt for additional protection like shooting gloves, a hat, or long sleeves and long pants. These are optional but the first two may be mandatory at some range sites.

Optics and Targets

multiple men aiming guns on shooting rangeHow could we forget a sight to shoot with! Depending on your firearm, distance, and needs, choose from any variety of our optics. If using multiple arms with one optic, consider a optic with single-shot zero to maximize time shooting and minimize time zeroing. Targets are highly dependent on your personal preference and range rules. But, If you’re training for a competition or hunting, you may want to tailor targets to your needs. Some ranges may require you use their targets, while others will require you bring targets of your own.

Food and Water

Being dehydrated is no fun, and being dehydrated at the range is even less fun. Therefore, be sure to bring enough to eat and drink while you’re out shooting. More food means more time shooting, which means more fun.


The best things in life are shared, and nothing beats a range day with good friends. Correspondingly, friends help keep you safer and can provide important feedback on your form. A well trained observer can also help you dial in shots at a longer range and make you a better shooter in the long run.