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Why Streaming from the KRAD Digital Night Vision Scope is Important

digital night vision FI

As you might remember, we launched our new KRAD digital night vision scope a couple of months ago. This scope has the capability to connect your phone to the scope’s WiFi. You can see exactly what the scope is aiming at while viewing it on your phone or tablet. So, if you’ve ever wondered why you would want a digital night vision scope with streaming capabilities, stick around and we will tell you!

digital night vision target screenshotFirearm Safety

One of the most important things about hunting is firearm safety. Being able to see exactly what the scope is pointing at by viewing it on your phone or tablet allows you to help younger hunters make sure they are being safe. It also helps to tell them how to be accurate and consistent. With just starting out, you can tell a young hunter where to aim and what to aim at, without even having to physically look through the scope. Its video capabilities allow you to record their target and shot. This way you can replay it back and tell them how to do better next time.

Allows Anyone with a Physical Disability to Still Enjoy Hunting

There are some hunters out there with physical disabilities that make it difficult to enjoy hunting. With streaming capabilities, a hunter can aim at their target without having to physically look through the scope. By viewing the screen on a tablet, you can aim at your target and see the target easier. It also allows more freedom for the hunter to be able to aim and shoot on their own while still being safe. This feature of the digital night vision scope allows any type of hunter to use it.

Connect With a Few Friends

Another great feature of the KRAD digital night vision scope is that you can have a few of your friends connect to the WiFi at the same time. If you are out hunting with some buddies, they can get in on the action. Have your friends watch you in real-time as you aim at your target.

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Knowing the Difference Between Picatinny and Weaver Rails for Your Red Dot Sight

red dot sight cover image

If you’re huge into target shooting or you want to become a target-shooter, then you are probably well-acquainted with a red dot sight. Red dot sights allow users to quickly acquire their target at an extended range. There are thousands of different types of red dot sights on the market. If you are new to red dot sights, then it is important you know the difference between Picatinny and Weaver rails. This can help you make sure you buy the right red dot sight for your gun.

red dot sight sawyer weaver railWhat are Weaver Rails?

Weaver rails were introduced before Picatinny rails. The weaver rails don’t necessarily have consistent spacing between the grooves. Weaver mounting rails have slots that are .180” wide and have smaller slots than on a Picatinny rail. If you are looking to purchase a red dot sight and know that your gun has a Weaver rail, then it is important to be sure you buy a red dot sight that will fit correctly onto your gun. To read into some more information on Weaver (and Picatinny) rails, check out this website here.

**Products meant for Picatinny rails will NOT fit on a Weaver rail. However, products meant for Weaver rails CAN fit on a Picatinny rail.**

What are Picatinny Rails?

Picatinny rails have specific dimensions of grooves and notches. These mounting rails have slots that are .206” wide. You can find these types of rails typically built into a long gun or a handgun. There are many different products on the market today that can easily be added onto Picatinny rails. These can include scopes, tactical lights, night vision sights, a red dot sight, and more. The US military adopted Picatinny rails in 1995, which can be attributed to the Picatinny’s rise in popularity.

In conclusion, nowadays you will probably see more guns with Picatinny rails rather than Weaver rails. Your red dot sight will most likely fit on Picatinny rails over Weaver rails, as well. This is partly due to the consistent spacing that makes it a better option when switching out different accessories between guns.

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Night Hunting: Hog Hunting Tips & Tricks

XANB35 Night Hunting

Hog hunting has continued to become increasingly popular, partially due to the rise in feral hog population. Hogs are an invasive species due to their ability to destroy wildlife and crop. In the south, hog populations are extremely high. So, are you wanting to get some night hunting in? Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to hunting feral hogs.

Tip #1: Know your State’s Rules & Regulations

Each state varies when it comes to night hunting and hunting different types of game. Because of the high population of feral hogs in the South, some states have relaxed their regulations. For instance, a majority of southern states allow hog hunting on private land year-round. Some states don’t even regulate hog hunting at all on private OR public land. However, it is always best to check your state’s hunting laws just to be safe.

hunting night - hunt at night tipTip #2: Hunt at Night

Hogs have become known as nocturnal creatures. Your best chance of finding any is to go night hunting. A great method to night hunting is to use a night vision device. One such as a hands-free night vision binocular is a great way to see clearly in the dark. It doesn’t emit any external light, so hogs won’t be scared off. Not only that, but if you have a hands-free device, you won’t have to worry about holding it up to your eyes. You will have both hands free to aim at any running hogs.

Tip #3: Know How to Track

When trying to hunt down hogs, it is important to know how to find them. Especially when you are night hunting, it can be a little more difficult to track when it’s dark out. If you happen to find uprooted soil, you may be close to some hogs. Feral hogs use their snouts to dig into soil to get vegetation, leaving it uprooted. Another way to track these animals is to look for tracks on the ground. With high populations in states such as Texas and Louisiana, you won’t have a hard time finding any.

Tip #4: Beginner? Try a Guide

If you are new to hog hunting or night hunting in general, it could be beneficial to get a guide. A guide is someone who goes out with you and helps to track hogs and get a kill. Normally these types of people are familiar with the area you are at and have hunted hogs for a long time. It’s a good way to get some experience and help at the same time. So, the next time you are ready to hunt for hogs, you will feel confident and prepared.

Want more information before your next night hunting trip? Click here for a great website on more hog-hunting information.

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Best Monocular Night Vision: Meet the XANB60 Rangefinder

Cover Image Best Monocular Night Vision

There are a lot of different types of rangefinders and monoculars out there on the market. So why do we think our XANB60 is the best monocular night vision? Keep reading to find out!

Pocket Sized XStandPocket-Sized

Our Digital Night Vision Monocular is small—and for a good reason! It can easily fit in your pocket when out hunting with your friends. It is the best monocular night vision because you won’t ever have to worry about finding a place to put it. Place it away for safekeeping in the pocket of your coat or pants or keep it around your wrist with the wrist strap. You can also easily hold it in one hand.

High Performance Distance Range

Although the XANB60 is small, it is mighty! You can see as far as 150 yards during the nighttime, or up to 400 yards during the daytime. The XANB60 is the best monocular night vision because it is equipped with an invisible IR light. This allows you to clearly see animals or objects during the night without extra external light.

Battery Life XANB60Battery Life

This digital night vision monocular has a long-lasting battery life. It lasts up to 9 hours of usage during the daytime, or 4 hours of usage during the nighttime. It requires 6 AA Alkaline batteries (not included with your purchase).

Why Use a Night Vision Monocular?

You can use a night vision monocular for many reasons. The XANB60 is the best monocular night vision because you can use it for hunting, surveillance, and more. Monoculars offer the most versatility and accessories. You can use our XANB60 monocular with or without eyeglasses. Looking through a night vision device such as a monocular also gives you better situational awareness. This is because one eye is looking through the device, while the other eye has peripheral vision of what is around you.

Interested in Learning More?

Check out our video of our XANB60 Digital Night Vision Monocular here.

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The Best Night Binocular for Hog Hunting

hog hunting best night vision binocular

It is that time of year where avid hunters seem to all be hog hunting. A great way to help see hogs at night is to use a night vision binocular. But what is the best night binocular for doing so? Make sure to check your state’s laws and regulations when it comes to night vision devices. Some states allow the use of night vision products when hunting, while others don’t. This can also vary between type of animal you are hunting.

Meet the XANB35 Night Vision Binocular

The XANB35 Xtreme Night Vision Binocular is the best night binocular to use while hog hunting. You can see up to 300 yards during the nighttime. This night binocular also allows you to capture photos and videos of you on your hunt. It is the perfect way to show your friends and family later. You can use up to a 32GB memory card in this device. The XANB35 is equipped with three different backlight brightness settings. This allows you to see better during both the day AND night. Most night vision binoculars only allow you to see up to 200 yards at night. With the XANB35, you will be able to see farther and clearer than ever before. Finding your target on your hunt won’t be an issue.

best night vision binocular XStandDay & Night Usage

The XANB35 is the best night binocular also because you can also use it during the daytime. See up to 500 yards away in daylight. This digital binocular also has the capability of being used with or without eyeglasses. So, if you are wearing glasses, you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way.

Battery Life

Battery life lasts up to 6 hours during the night, and 10 hours during the day.

As you can see, the XANB35 binocular is a great option for any hog hunting adventure. It has a long battery life, allows you to see further than many other night vision binoculars, and allows you to take photos and videos.

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On the X Site—How does the MG1 Magnifier Work?

X Site How Does the MG1 Work?

This spring X-Vision Optics released a lineup of red dot sights, and along with it, the MG1 Magnifier. If you navigate on our x site, you can find the MG1 Magnifier under the “Red Dot Sight” tab. We are super excited for our customers to use this product.

How does the mg1 magnifier work x siteHow does the MG1 Magnifier Work?

This x site is meant to be used with red dot sights. When using a red dot, it’s super easy to shoot at targets. But pair it with a magnifier, and that target just got a whole lot easier to see. When using the magnifier with a red dot, you will want to put it behind the red dot. So, for example, when you are holding a gun, you will look through the magnifier first and then through the red dot. If you place the magnifier in front of the red dot, the product will not work correctly.

Why Use a Magnifier?

Using a magnifier with a red dot sight such as one of our x sites allows you to see a target much better. It adds magnification so you can view objects closer and clearer. The MG1 has the capability to fit on both weaver and picatinny style rails. Consequently, you can use the MG1 with any red dot sight. One of the best features of the MG1 is its flip-aside design. You can attach it to your gun, but if you don’t want to use it, you can just flip it to the side instead of completely taking it off. If you do wish to take it off, however, this product has a quick-release feature that makes it easy to attach or detach from your gun.

Want to Know More?

View our product on our x site here or watch our product video. To know more about magnifiers in general, check out this website here.

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What is Infrared Technology—And the Best Night Vision Goggle for Certain Uses

best night vision goggle what is infrared technology

X-Vision Optics is proud to have a range of night vision products in our lineup. But what does infrared technology even mean, and how does it work? This can help you determine the best night vision goggle for your needs.

best night vision goggles infared technologyHow does Infrared Technology Work?

Infrared technology emits wavelengths longer than that of visible light. This means that it is invisible to the human eye. Infrared flashlights are a good example of this type of technology. When you turn them on, you see no light emitting from it. With the advancement in technology, the best night vision goggle for first-time buyers are typically within the $100 to $500 range. Some examples of these are our Deluxe Night Vision Binocular and our Xtreme Night Vision Binocular. The best night vision goggle for professional use such as in the military or police force can cost upward $1,000.

Depending on the length of the wavelength, sometimes when using a night vision product there might be a faint red glow. This is because infrared wavelengths are close to the wavelengths of the color red. With this being said, typically animals are not aware of the use of night vision products. However, some may be able to faintly detect it.

What Kind of Night Vision Binocular Should I Use?

Although the best night vision goggle is typically found in professions such as the military and police, there are other uses for infrared technology. This type of technology is often used when hunting for deer, coyotes, or other game. (Make sure to check your state’s night vision hunting rules, as it varies by state). A hands-free night vision binocular is the best night vision goggle to use when you don’t have an extra hand to hold the binocular up to your face. This helps you to not worry about aiming for your target while holding a binocular at the same time. Other types of night vision products allow you to take photos and videos of your adventures.

Infrared technology has changed the way we can see at night. From hunting, to surveillance, the military and more, infrared technology is changing the game.

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What is the Difference Between Night Vision and Thermal? What to Know Before you Buy a New Product for Your Hunting Night Out

hunting night difference between night vision and thermal vision

There are lots of different types of products out there to help you in your hunting endeavors. It’s important to know the difference between night vision and thermal products, since they aren’t the same. If you are looking for a new product to buy for that next hunting night, here is some information you should know!

What is Night Vision?

Night vision products allow you to see in low light or very dark conditions. They take any surrounding light and make it visible to the human eye. If you were to use a night vision binocular during a hunting night, you would see images in a green tone. You cannot see images in color when using a night vision device at night. Many people use a night vision device for a hunting night with friends or family. However, these types of devices are also commonly used by the military and law enforcement. It is important to keep in mind there are different night vision hunting laws depending on U.S. state.

thermal image of deer hunting night What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is different than night vision. Thermal imaging uses infrared scanners to detect different heat signatures of objects in relation to what is around them. This gets transferred into an image. Higher heat signatures are typically brighter and easier to see, normally highlighted with yellow, red, or orange. If you were to use a thermal imaging device during your hunting night, you’d be able to see animals even if they are obscured by shrubbery.


Hunting night vision and thermal visionWhich One is Better?

Both night vision devices and thermal devices have their respective advantages. If you are planning on navigating to your tree stand in the dark, a night vision device would be the way to go. Our XANR100 Night Vision Rangefinder is the perfect device for this. Take it out during any hunting night or right before dawn to get the best use out of it. If you want to spot animals even if they are hidden by shrubs, then thermal imaging would be better. Both options are great for a hunting night out with friends.


The last thing to keep in mind is that thermal products are almost always more expensive than night vision products. This doesn’t mean one is a better option over the other, they just have different uses. Both the military and law enforcement use both types of products. And with growing technology, now you can too. To learn more about thermal imaging and night vision, you can check out this great article from Optics Planet.

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X Optics: Oklahoma Hog Hunting

x optics cover image OK Hog Hunting

Want to learn about different types of hunting from across the United States? Well, looks like today you are in luck, and the focus is all on Oklahoma! The x optics team is taking a deep dive into hog hunting. In Oklahoma, hog hunting season occurs anytime between January 16th and September 30th on public lands. On private lands, hog hunting can occur year-round. Check here for more information on public vs private land regulations.

Do You Need a License?

Long answer short, yes! You need a hunting license to hunt feral hogs.

Why do People Hunt for Hogs?

Hogs are known to damage crops and forests. Not only this, but they also cause damage to other animal’s habitats. Many southern states spend thousands of dollars to fix damage done by wild hogs. On top of this, hogs carry diseases that can spread to animals and also humans. Throw some ticks, fleas, and lice into the mix, and you’ll really understand why these animals cause such a problem. Wild hogs are known as an invasive species in the United States.

what x optics could I use OK Hog HuntingWhat X Optics Could I Use?

Night vision is legal to hunt hogs with in Oklahoma! So, grab an x optics night vision binocular and get ready for the action. The x optics Hands-Free Night Vision Binocular is probably the go-to. You can use the headstrap to securely attach it over your eyes and keep your hands free for full control over your gun. Don’t miss out on any of the action with the ability to take photos and videos! The x optics XANB35 Xtreme Night Vision Binocular is also a great option with similar features as the hands-free version.

Got More Questions?

Got more questions on the rules and regulations of hog hunting in Oklahoma? Check out this website here for frequently asked questions.

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to look through the x optics XANB35 binoculars, watch this video of when our team went hog hunting!

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Even the Best Night Binoculars need Alkaline Batteries—Here’s Why

Featured photo best night binoculars on bag x optics

Why is it that even the best night binoculars seem to ask for Alkaline batteries? There is a good chance that if your night vision binocular uses batteries, it asks you to use Alkaline batteries. So, why do Alkaline batteries seem better than any other kind? Here are some advantages we found to using Alkaline batteries, so your binocular can be one of the best night binoculars you’ve ever had.

Advantage #1: Higher Energy Density

There are many advantages to using alkaline batteries, especially when they help your binoculars to be the best night binoculars they can be. Alkaline batteries have a higher density, which means that it has double the energy density. Consequently, this allows Alkaline batteries to produce the same energy as other batteries while lasting longer.

Alkaline battery x optics operates in cold weather best night binocularsAdvantage #2: Operates in Cold Weather

Have you ever tried using a device outside and the battery seems to die almost instantly? Alkaline batteries can withstand the cold much better than other types of batteries. This means you will get longer use out of your product when fall and winter roll around.




Advantage #3: Standard Sizing & Safe

Did you know that Alkaline batteries have a standard size that is easy to use in almost every product you buy? From the best night binoculars to night vision monoculars, you won’t have to worry about the battery not fitting. Alkaline batteries are also made from materials that are safer for people. Not to mention, they do not harm the environment as much as other battery types do.

Advantage #4: Longevity

Alkaline batteries have a much longer life than other types of batteries. These types of batteries can last up to about seven years unused. Some of the best night binoculars can be unused for years and still work well if Alkaline batteries are installed. So, if you want to get the most out of your batteries, Alkaline is the way to go.

In conclusion, use Alkaline batteries to ensure your night vision binoculars perform to the best of their ability. If you’d like any additional information, check out this website here.