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What are Some Different Types of Scopes?

what are some different types of scopes

Been looking for a new scope? Not sure what one you need, or what types of scopes are used for what purposes? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. There are tons of different kinds of scopes out in the market right now. This guide can help you determine which scope may be right for you.

Hunting Scopes


hunting scope

These types of scopes are extremely simple. Their main purpose is to create a bright and easy to see image in many different weather conditions. Typically, when you are hunting, you need to be able to make quick decisions. Therefore hunting scopes are made to be easy to use and extremely durable.

Night Vision Scopes

night vision scopes

If you are an avid night hunter, then a night vision scope is for you. These types of scopes you can use in dark or low light conditions. Our KRAD night vision scope is an example of this. With a built-in IR illuminator, it allows you to see even when there is little to no light.


Long Range Scopes


long range scope

Typically, any scope that has over 10x magnification could fall into this category.

Fixed Scopes


fixed scope

This type of scope is very simple. This is because it has only one magnification level. You can’t adjust your magnification up or down. These types of scopes are typically the cheapest option for this exact reason. It could be a good starter scope if you are new to these kinds of optics.

Variable Scopes

variable scope

These types of scopes allow you to adjust your magnification across multiple levels. They are great to use at both shorter and longer distances. Of course, they will be a bit more expensive than fixed scopes, but it would be worth the price.

As you can see, a scope may fall into many of these categories depending on its features. Long story short, if you’re in the market for a new scope, it’s best to read up on it before you buy. This way you will know exactly what it does and what it is best equipped for.


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Hunting at Night: How to Photograph Your Hunt

photographing your hunt Garret Posing

Photographing your hunt to share with friends and family is not always easy. Hunting at night and getting the right lighting takes some practice. There are a couple of different ways to photograph your hunt—whether that be through a night vision device, or on an actual camera. Here are some tips and tricks for both so you can show off your hunts to everyone later on.

Photographing your Hunt Through a NV Device

If you are looking to purchase a night vision binocular, buying one with photo and video capabilities is a  huge plus. You won’t have to worry about bringing along a camera or fumbling around in the dark for your phone. Some tips for taking pictures on a NV device is to make sure you have a memory card in the device. You won’t be able to see your pictures later if there is no way to save them. Always try to keep a steady hand so your video isn’t shaky. Use the zoom features on the device to see an object clearly and up close. Playing around with your night vision binoculars ahead of your hunt will help you tremendously in the field. You will know where each button is on the device and how to properly work it.

Photography Through a Camera

photographing your hunt at night man posing with game

If you’re hunting at night, having the flash on your camera is a must. It doesn’t matter if you are in a dimly lit area—if you don’t have the flash, your picture won’t turn out. Most hunting products are black in color, which means if it isn’t situated correctly in the picture, it won’t show up against a dark background. Some of the best hunting photographers place their hunting product against something of a lighter background. Whether that be the animal itself, the ground, or holding it in their hand.

Just remember—it takes time and practice to get quality photos when hunting at night. Take time to know your device before taking it out in the field. Take time to read directions so you use your devices correctly, and we promise your hunting photos will turn out like a pro’s.

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Best Binoculars For Night Vision—Why You Want a NV Binocular

why buy the best night vision binocular surveillance

Are you thinking about purchasing a night vision binocular, but don’t know what you would use it for? There are many different uses that maybe you hadn’t even thought of! You also have to consider that there are different types of night vision binoculars. So, here are some best binoculars for night vision and why you want a night vision product.

Night Vision & Hunting

There are many different uses for night vision devices. Some of the best binoculars for night vision are used for hunting at night. Of course, hunting using night vision varies by state regarding what is legal or not. So, if you plan to purchase a night vision binocular for hunting, it is important to be sure it is legal where you live. Many hunters also use a night vision device to help them navigate in the dark to their tree stand before the sun comes up.

Joe - night vision binocularNight Vision & Surveillance

Another reason for using a night vision binocular is for surveillance purposes. Some people use a night vision device to help monitor their land when it’s dark out. The best binoculars for night vision are used by the military and police for surveillance purposes as well.

Night Vision & Camping

A great use for night vision products is when you are out on camping trips. Being able to navigate any type of terrain during the night is extremely helpful especially if you are trying to find your way back to your tent in the dark. Plus, have you ever wondered what that rustle of leaves was outside your tent? If anything, the best binoculars for night vision are used as a safety measure on any camping trip.

Which Binoculars Should I Get?

The best binoculars for night vision when you need both hands free would be our hands-free night vision binocular. These allow you to strap them onto your head so you don’t have to worry about holding it in your hand. If you want to go hunting and record videos and take photos, our XANB35 or XANB30 binoculars would also be great options. The XANB20 binocular would be great for surveillance or camping purposes.

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What is Infrared Technology—And the Best Night Vision Goggle for Certain Uses

best night vision goggle what is infrared technology

X-Vision Optics is proud to have a range of night vision products in our lineup. But what does infrared technology even mean, and how does it work? This can help you determine the best night vision goggle for your needs.

best night vision goggles infared technologyHow does Infrared Technology Work?

Infrared technology emits wavelengths longer than that of visible light. This means that it is invisible to the human eye. Infrared flashlights are a good example of this type of technology. When you turn them on, you see no light emitting from it. With the advancement in technology, the best night vision goggle for first-time buyers are typically within the $100 to $500 range. Some examples of these are our Deluxe Night Vision Binocular and our Xtreme Night Vision Binocular. The best night vision goggle for professional use such as in the military or police force can cost upward $1,000.

Depending on the length of the wavelength, sometimes when using a night vision product there might be a faint red glow. This is because infrared wavelengths are close to the wavelengths of the color red. With this being said, typically animals are not aware of the use of night vision products. However, some may be able to faintly detect it.

What Kind of Night Vision Binocular Should I Use?

Although the best night vision goggle is typically found in professions such as the military and police, there are other uses for infrared technology. This type of technology is often used when hunting for deer, coyotes, or other game. (Make sure to check your state’s night vision hunting rules, as it varies by state). A hands-free night vision binocular is the best night vision goggle to use when you don’t have an extra hand to hold the binocular up to your face. This helps you to not worry about aiming for your target while holding a binocular at the same time. Other types of night vision products allow you to take photos and videos of your adventures.

Infrared technology has changed the way we can see at night. From hunting, to surveillance, the military and more, infrared technology is changing the game.

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The Best Night Vision Scope Attachment—Meet the XANF100 IR Flashlight

Feature Image best night vision scope attachment

The X-Vision Optics XANF100 Night Vision IR flashlight is the best night vision scope attachment. There are many things to know about an IR flashlight since it isn’t like a normal flashlight. Keep reading to learn about IR flashlights and why the XANF100 is the best night vision scope attachment.

IR Flashlights vs. Normal Flashlights

The one main difference between an IR flashlight versus a normal flashlight is light. Normal flashlights emit a beam of light that helps you to see clearly when it’s dark. IR flashlights emits light in the infrared spectrum, meaning that it appears invisible to the human eye. This type of flashlight must be paired with a night vision device in order to use it properly. When paired with a night vision device, you will be able to see up to 500 yards during the night. So, for example, our XANB35 Xtreme Night Vision Binocular allows you to see up to 300 yards in the dark. When paired with the XANF100 flashlight, you can see up to 500 yards in the dark.

body image best night vision scope attachmentUse the XANF100 with Night Vision Scopes

The XANF100 is the best night vision scope attachment for a reason! This flashlight has a picatinny rail, which allows you to fasten it to your scope. You won’t have to worry about holding it up with one hand while trying to aim at your target. The XANF100 complements the XANS550 Night Vision Scope but can also attach to many other scopes as well.

Use the XANF100 with Night Vision Binoculars

Not only is the XANF100 the best night vision scope attachment, but it can also be used with night vision binoculars, too. When paired with our XANB50 Hands-Free Night Vision Binocular, you won’t have to worry about holding a binocular in one hand while holding the flashlight in the other.

As you can see, night vision IR flashlights are extremely beneficial when you want to use any night vision product. They help you to see even farther at night, so you won’t be missing out on anything.