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Love in the Woods – Hunting Couples

Walking Couple

X-Vision Loves To See Hunting Couples Bond In The Outdoors!

Ben and Ana

When the pandemic first hit in early 2020, my fiancé Ben and I were fortunate enough to retreat to his family cabin nestled in the remote woods of Northern Minnesota. As an avid outdoors couple, we were elated to leave the chaos of the city. We settled into the wilderness to work remotely while we waited for things to settle down back home. Many hunting couples don’t have this opportunity!

Benjamin is an experienced hunter, and myself, an experienced angler, and over time we’ve found a wonderful common ground to enjoy each other’s favorite activities as a couple and learn from each other. However, with this new temporary living situation in a hunting dreamland location of opportunity, presented us with a whole new level of enjoying the outdoors together.

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Hunting Coyotes at Night: Why Night Vision?

X Stand

Why Night Vision is Beneficial to Coyote Hunting

Hunting Coyotes at night versus the daylight can provide you with some of the best opportunities for a successful coyote hunt.  Not to mention, the added thrill and adrenaline rush that often coincides with hunting these predators in total darkness. As you gear up, research, and prepare for hunting coyotes at night, you might begin to have questions. Why choose night vision optics over other options such as thermal, or light spotting? Here are some top reasons to consider night vision over the alternatives.

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Red Dot Sights Explained – What You Need To Know!

Red Dot Sights Explained - What You Need To Know! Bog Photo

Red Dot Sights

First Things First: What is a Red Dot Optic?

A red dot sight is a type of optic that is typically used at closer ranges, normally around 100 yards or less. They are extremely easy to use and can assist first-time shooters with more simplified aiming. Red dots are exactly how they sound, having a red dot as the reticle when you look through this device. A reticle is a dot or a line on an optical device (such as red dots, scopes, etc.) that are used as a measuring scale and help locate objects.

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Scouting Tips for Fall Turkey Hunting   

Two Turkeys Fall

It’s Time For Fall Turkey Hunting!

The days are getting shorter and there’s a newfound chill in the air. While many hunters have their minds set on whitetails and waterfowl, the excitement of fall turkey hunting is also in full swing. Because the behaviors and movement of wild turkeys can differ from that of the Springtime hunting season, scouting for Fall turkeys should be a priority if you want to hunt them effectively. Studying their flocks can be both exciting and a practical means of finding harvestable Fall gobblers when the season is open. X-Vision Optics is here with 4 tips on scouting for your next Fall turkey hunt.  

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How to Deal with Ticks When Hunting

Tree Stand Morning Fog

With hunting season in full swing, it is safe to say that ticks are too. Dealing with ticks is never fun—so here are some tips on how to deal with ticks when hunting so you can focus on the fun stuff and not these nasty pests.  

Tip #1: Wear long sleeves and pants 
Wearing clothes that cover up most of your skin can help keep ticks off your body. You can also notice them easier before they crawl onto your skin, especially if you are wearing lighter clothes. Tucking an undershirt into your pants is another way to help prevent ticks from crawling under your jacket and onto your arms, chest, or back.   

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